Prioritizing Safety

3D Scanning Services

Project risk management in 3D to eliminates unnecessary downtime

Humans are wired to work visually. We can formulate 3D images in our heads through reading text and looking at 2D images, with varying degrees of success, but there is simply no substitute for designing and reviewing projects just as we live our lives… in 3-dimensional space. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” carries no less weight when applied to the field of design engineering. When engaging in a project where people will be operating around, or directly with, equipment in the project’s scope, projecting yourself into the space by leveraging 3D scanning services is the most effective way to illuminate safety concerns before any work begins. Whether through virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or by incorporating avatars into computer models, there is nothing as powerful or as accurate as experiencing or observing how the human form will interact with elements within a project. Every project has its own unique concerns when it comes to safety, each of which can be visualized and addressed with 3D models, with the process sometimes going through several iterations before all parties, regulations and protocols are satisfied before a design is approved to move forward.

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Now add on top of that the ability to step into 4-D design (the 4th dimension is time which, when added, creates animations) and you’ve really got a powerful tool. Animations not only allow the team to bring motion and movement into consideration for the design, it allows for the creation of procedural and safety training videos that can be 1000% more descriptive than a manual could ever be, and 2000% more likely to be watched by your employees.

Scan. Model. Plan.
Reduce Risk.

Benefits of Working in 3D

The positive impacts from working exclusively in 3D are extensive, but can be captured in a few major themes:
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